In this Transit Chat series, we will explore how transit funding is the foundation for transit equity. How are transportation projects currently funded on federal, state, and local levels? How do we secure transit funding to ensure we are moving towards an equitable future (a future that gives everyone the freedom and ability to get where they need to go in an affordable and reliable manner)? And how do we get to a future where fares are free, transit is abundant and ubiquitous, and communities are connected to opportunities to work, play, and thrive?

Please watch our previous transit talks: Let’s Make It Rain for Transit and Transportation Equity in Practice to prepare for the series.


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Previous Chats in this Series:

Chat #1: Transit funding is transit equity

August 25, 2020. 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST

  • Steven Higashide, Director of Research at TransitCenter (@shigashide)
  • Dara Baldwin, Co-Chair National Transportation Equity Caucus and Director of National Policy at the Center for Disability Rights, Inc. (@NJDC07)
  • Alex Hudson, Executive Director at Transportation Choices Coalition (Moderator) (@ersilians)

As transit systems across the country have been hit hard by the pandemic, it is critical to understand what is needed for a just and equitable transit recovery. Our panelists will cover transit funding and transit equity on a federal level — and how progressive funding sources can be used to re-build an equitable healthy transit system that centers the needs of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color communities.

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