In this Transit Chat series, we will explore how transit funding is the foundation for transit equity. How are transportation projects currently funded on federal, state, and local levels? How do we secure transit funding to ensure we are moving towards an equitable future (a future that gives everyone the freedom and ability to get where they need to go in an affordable and reliable manner)? And how do we get to a future where fares are free, transit is abundant and ubiquitous, and communities are connected to opportunities to work, play, and thrive?

Please watch our previous transit talks: Let’s Make It Rain for Transit and Transportation Equity in Practice to prepare for the series. 

This series has ended! You can also find the videos of all of the completed events in this series below.

Chat #2: Transit on your Ballot

October 20, 2020. 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST

  • Kelsey Mesher, Advocacy Director, Transportation Choices Coalition, @kmesh (Seattle, WA)
  • Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Oregon Metro Councilor, District 4, @JCGonzalezOR (Hillsboro and Portland, OR)
  • Adina Levin, Executive Director, Friends of CalTrain, @alevin (San Francisco, CA)
  • Alex Hudson, Executive Director, Transportation Choices Coalition, @ersilians (Moderator)

We will look at transit measures on the November ballot in three major West Coast cities: The Yes for Transit campaign in Seattle, Let’s Get Moving campaign in the Portland Metro region, and the Rescue Caltrain Yes on RR campaign in the Bay Area. What are the similarities and differences of the overall transportation landscapes in these great metro areas and how do they fund public transit? How are these measures centering equity? What can we learn from each other and how can we work together to build strong coastal and national support for public transit? Join us!

Sponsored by: Friends of Caltrain, Getting There Together, OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon, Seattle Transit Riders Union, Seattle Neighborhood Greenways, Verde,

Chat #3: How can road pricing advance equity?

November 17, 2020. 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST

Cities across the country and world are considering road pricing tools such as congestion pricing, tolls, and the Road Usage Charge as proven ways to reduce traffic and pollution. Is road pricing a solution for traffic congestion, climate pollution, and insufficient funding for transportation? How can road pricing also prioritize advancing racial equity?

In this transit chat, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges of road pricing, and explore the unique ways panelists are taking action to design road pricing to advance and improve racial equity, mobility, and health outcomes in BIPOC communities.


  • Adrienne Hampton, Climate Policy and Engagement Manager, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition
  • Giulia Pasciuto: Research and Policy Analyst, Puget Sound Sage
  • Midori Valdivia: Transportation Policy and Strategy Consultant. Former Chief of Staff to the President of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority
  • Vivian Satterfield, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Verde
  • Alex Hudson, Executive Director, Transportation Choices Coalition (Moderator)
Chat #4: Legislative Session Preview: Clean & Just Transportation Agenda

December 15, 2020. 2:00 – 3:00 pm PST

How do we generate transportation revenue in a way that reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, improves multimodal transportation choices, and ensures fair and equitable outcomes? And how do we deliver the best investments possible to help build a more efficient, affordable, clean and just transportation system for all?

Join Climate Solutions, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Front & Centered, Washington Environmental Council, and Transportation Choices Coalition as we discuss our transportation policy priorities for the 2021 legislative session. Learn about the Clean and Just Transportation Coalition, and get a preview of our legislative agenda, including our state and local revenue, and investments recommendations.

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