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Good policy goes beyond bills, laws, and technical discussions. Our work is focused on helping cities, counties, and Washington State develop holistic transportation solutions that create connected communities and a healthy planet. We believe that engaging with the people most affected is at the center of strong and sustainable policy creation

We are working to improve reliable and affordable access to transportation that connects our communities to jobs, education, health care, and each other. When our transportation system works for everyone, we all thrive. Here’s a look at our policy work:

Access + Affordability

Growing economic inequality is widening the gaps in access to mobility. Research is clear that reliable transportation is a key determinant of whether communities can thrive and realize their full potential. Great transit service is an essential transportation option and ensuring access.


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New Technology + Innovation

Growth has accelerated demand for mobility and affordable housing options, a challenge that must be met if we want to remain prosperous, inclusive, and competitive. Technology presents an opportunity to create a more equitable system, with improved access for all — but only if we keep equity at the heart of policy development and focus on access, affordability, and sustainability.


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Health + Sustainability

The car-dominant paradigm of the past fifty years has left our communities less connected, increasing emissions that are harming the planet, and resulting in adverse health outcomes, particularly for communities of color and low-income communities. Great transit service can provide more opportunities for physical activity, reduce stressful commutes, and help strengthen social networks.


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Plans + Projects

Recently passed ballot measures – including ST2, ST3, and Move Seattle – provide an unprecedented opportunity to expand the Puget Sound region’s high capacity transit system. We have a crucial role to play helping transit agency partners be successful. We work to ensure that these policies and voter-approved transit expansions are effectively implemented to support access and foster equitable, healthy communities connected by great transit.


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Legislative Agenda

Transportation Choices 2023 Legislative Agenda is all about increasing transportation equity and safety for all Washingtonians. Check out our legislative agenda here and read more about Washington’s legislative process below.

The Washington State Legislature meets every year starting on the second Monday of January to create and pass laws. The Legislature has two bodies of government: the House (98 members, elected for two-year terms) and the Senate (49 members, elected for four-year terms). Find out more about Washington state’s legislative process here.

2023 Bill Tracker
Last updated April 18th, 2023. 





SB 5383 / HB 1428



Concerning pedestrians crossing and moving along roadways. LEARN MORE

HB 1832


HB 1832- Dead

Implementing a per mile charge on vehicle usage of public roadways. LEARN MORE

HB 1125/SB 5162


EHB 1125 – Conference; SSB 5162 – Dead

23-25 Biennial Transportation Budget LEARN MORE

SB 5002



Concerning alcohol concentration LEARN MORE

SJR 8200



Amending the state Constitution so that state revenue collected from a road usage charge, vehicle miles traveled fee, or other similar type of comparable charge, must be used exclusively for highway purposes.

HB 1110/SB 5190



      Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing LEARN MORE




            Improving the state’s response to climate change by updating the state’s planning framework LEARN MORE

            SB 5466/HB 1517



            Promoting transit-oriented development LEARN MORE

            HB 1513 (SB 5572)



              Improving traffic safety. LEARN MORE

              HB 1582 (SB 5514)



                Prohibiting drivers from making a right turn within proximity of certain facilities. LEARN MORE

                ESHB 1853


                Passed the House

                  Making certain corrective changes resulting from the enactment of chapter 182,
                  Laws of 2022 (transportation resources). LEARN MORE

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