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Resilience + Recovery Fund

The last year and a half has been extraordinarily challenging for communities across Washington. We have lost loved ones and neighbors, we’ve lost jobs and businesses. Now as we look ahead to what rebuilding looks like, we know that a just recovery will take transit.

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Mobility Justice is Racial Justice

Letter From Our Director and Board President

TCC’s call to action has never been more clear – be relentless in ensuring that transit continues to be a force for good, that despite all the challenges ahead our agencies can continue to deliver excellent service to the people who depend on transit, and that we use our voices and our actions to further a world where systemic racism doesn’t predetermine how far people can go.

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Transportation Choices Coalition is a statewide policy and advocacy nonprofit dedicated to bringing Washingtonians more and better transportation choices. When our transportation system works for everyone, we all thrive.

How We Work

We advocate for policies and funding, and provide education that support more transit, bike, and pedestrian improvements at the state, regional, and local levels. We recognize that transportation is a pathway to opportunity — connecting communities and people to a full and vibrant life.

Policy Research + Development

We do research and collaborate with organizational partners, policy experts, and elected leaders to develop and support progressive, intersectional, and community-driven policies. Our policies prioritize healthy transportation investments in areas that need it most; encourage walkable and affordable transit-oriented communities; normalize the use of race and social equity analyses in policy and process development, and build power in historically disenfranchised populations.


To achieve our policy goals, we focus on building coalitions across sectors. We collaborate to leverage our collective power and resources to find solutions within agency policy, through legislative bodies, and at the ballot box.

Education + Engagement

We foster relationships with our coalition and communities to reach a shared understanding, develop goals, and identify policy that support equitable transportation options for all. By taking our policy work to the people and connecting them to opportunity we give transit supporters and riders the tools to advocate for their communities, encourage further policy work, and continue to engage and elevate transportation issues.

In the last decade we have…

Mass Transit Now Wins

TCC led the coalition to win $54B for light rail, bus rapid transit, commuter rail and express bus expansion through Sound Transit 3, connecting our communities, and increasing access to opportunity for Puget Sound residents. This is the most significant transit expansion ever in Washington State and will transform communities positively for generations to come.

Yes for Buses in Spokane Wins

The Spokane area will see 25% more bus service, with 25 projects to maintain, improve and expand service, plus better bus service in several regional corridors. TCC provided strategic counsel to the campaign and educated more than 20,000 voters on the benefits of expansion.

Ellensburg's Expand Central Transit Wins

Residents of Ellensburg, home to Central Washington University, passed Proposition 1 by 62%, which will add a new line of service to Central Transit. We supported the local coalition to win.

New Bus Service to SE Seattle and South King County

TCC partnered with social justice organizations, King County Metro, and the City of Seattle to create a new bus route to connect communities of color and low-income families in Renton, the Rainier Valley and the International District in Seattle to jobs, schools and services.

Health and Equity Measures Work

We’ve kicked off a two-year project to add health and equity measures to long-range transportation planning in the Puget Sound region.

Transit Access Stakeholder Group

Because of our work, Sound Transit 3 has a record level of investment in bicycle and pedestrian projects to increase access to transit stations.  We also worked with our housing allies to ensure that new affordable housing will be built near Sound Transit stations so more people can live and work near transit.

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Announcing our Hall of Fame 2022 Inductees!

Transportation Choices is proud to announce our 2022 inductees into our Hall of Fame! This year’s awardees represent a diverse group of individuals...Read More

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