Thanks to everyone who submitted public comment and testified in support of changes that would help institutionalize equity, safety, and climate in PSRC’s Regional Transportation Plan. Many of the changes TCC and our partners suggested were incorporated into official amendment requests from PSRC’s Transportation Policy Board members.

On March 17th, PSRC published responses to public comments. While we were pleased to see many of our desired amendments identified for consideration by the Board, we were disappointed that many of the substantial changes we proposed were dismissed. Even those being considered by the Board aren’t out of the woods yet! We need to make sure Board members hear us loud and clear: we need institutional changes at the scale of the problem if we are going to move the needle on safety, climate, and equity in transportation.

PSRC’s Transportation Policy Board will discuss amendments at their next meeting on Thursday, March 31 and we want to make sure they know these changes are important. Use the form below to send a letter to PSRC leaders about the Regional Transportation Plan amendments. 

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