June is Ride Transit Month, a month-long celebration of riders and agencies as well as a time to promote public transit as an incredible essential service in our communities.

Are you willing to ride transit at least five times during June? If you are, take the Ride Transit Month pledge! Fill out the pledge form below and commit to taking five rides on the bus, train, streetcar, or ferry this June. This is what Ride Transit Month is all about!

Want to take your pledge to the next level? Post a photo of your rides on social media and tag us @Transpochoices or with #RideTransitMonth in the caption! We can’t wait to see you!

Where people are pledging

Ride Transit Month is about making sure every community in Washington has access to great transit. Throughout the month we'll be tracking where people are pledging from on this interactive map, powered by our partner Proxi. Fill out the pledge form above to add your pin to the map!
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