Earlier today members of the Senate Transportation Committee announced that Senator Marko Liias will serve as the next chair of the committee. Alex Hudson, Executive Director of Transportation Choices Coalition, expressed the following response:

“Senator Liias has been a champion for transit service for years, from his sponsorship of ST3 authorization to his successful fight for increased transit funding in Thurston County. We need more leaders like this in the years ahead, because great public transit will help the state recover economically from the pandemic and because our window is quickly closing to change course on climate. Across Washington there are transit riders waiting for buses that come infrequently or irregularly, and the transit agencies that serve them are doing so without the resources needed to deliver what their communities deserve. The State can and must deepen its commitment to public transit and active transportation as a solution that leads to great mobility, racial equity, and economic prosperity for all Washingtonians. We look forward to the senator’s leadership on this at such a critical time.”

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