Voters passed Seattle Proposition 1 with a record-breaking win of over 80% of the vote. We believe that this is the largest win for a transit measure in Washington State history! This overwhelming show of support makes it clear that Seattle residents want and expect a robust transit system that serves our city’s needs.

Seattle Proposition 1 means Seattle can count on:

  • 150,000 transit service hours every year for 6 years;
  • A free ORCA card in the hand of every public high school student, building a generation of transit riders and connecting young people to opportunity;
  • Affordability programs that ensure transit access for essential workers and low-income Seattleites;
  • Targeted transit support for West Seattle, offsetting the impacts of the bridge closure to communities in Southwest Seattle;
  • Capital projects in transit corridors to maximize efficiency and reliability.

This is a huge win for people, our planet, and our economy. Thousands of essential workers rely on public transit to get to their jobs. Transit remains a critical lifeline for seniors, people with disabilities, and people with low incomes. Now more than ever, we must keep transit moving for those who need it. 

Thanks to our partners in social justice, labor, business, and sustainability who supported this campaign, the Yes for Transit team, and everyone who voted to keep transit moving in Seattle. Over 80 organizations, elected leaders, and news outlets endorsed Seattle Proposition 1. The dream -and the reality- of great transit is very much alive in Seattle. 

The TCC team worked hard to make this win a reality. There was no blueprint for campaigning this year, so we invented one. We pivoted, adapted, and got it done. TCC is tireless in our commitment to fighting for better transportation for Washingtonians.

As we celebrate today, we continue to look ahead to the legislative session and the path to sustainable, long-term funding for transit in King County and for all of Washington. Please consider making a gift today to celebrate this success and keep the momentum rolling into the upcoming legislative session.

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