Image of Marko Liias and Jake Fey in front of a bus advertising Youth Ride Free with the No on 2117 logo

Please join us in pledging to vote NO on Initiative 2117 — and stand with us in protecting our air and water, forests and farmland, jobs, and transportation investments here in the Evergreen State.

Here’s why: A right-wing megadonor is single-handedly trying to reshape Washington state’s laws and overturn our state’s landmark law to reduce climate pollution. He’s put in $6 million of his own money to get I-2117 and other dangerous initiatives on the ballot this November. No wonder The Seattle Times called him “Tim Eyman with a gigantic bank account.”

If I-2117 passes this November, it will mean that instead of a fee on pollution being paid by a few, it would shift the burden of paying for the impacts of pollution onto communities, workers, and families. It would strip away investments in community priorities across the state.

Here at Transportation Choices Coalition, we’re particularly concerned that I-2117 threatens critical investments in sustainable transportation, from the expansion of transit and paratransit service across the State, to safety improvements for people walking and biking, to fare-free transit for 1.6 million Washingtonians ages 18 and under. The Climate Commitment Act provides over $5.4 billion of investment in Move Ahead Washington, the transformative transportation funding plan that we helped pass in 2022. Repealing it it would punch a major hole in our state’s already strained transportation budget.

Will you join us in pledging to vote NO on 2117?

The No on 2117 campaign — a growing, unprecedented statewide coalition of business and environmental leaders, Tribal nations, labor unions and community organizations dedicated to protecting our air and water — just launched. And we are ready for a fight. Click here to pledge to vote NO on 2117 today.

Washingtonians from across the state are coming together to fight back, reject this dangerous initiative, and pledge to vote no on I-2117. Thanks for standing with us and No on 2117 to protect our future.

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