With the House of Origin cut off a few days away, this is a crucial period in the legislative session. Bills need to be pulled from Rules Committees onto the floors of their respective chambers for amendments and a full vote by Wednesday, March 8th.

What’s coming up

Two things you can do right now to keep our bills going past the next cutoff:

SB 5383 – Concerning pedestrians crossing and moving along roadways

Our Free to Walk WA Bill is still in the Senate Rules Committee. We need them to pull it to the floor as soon as possible.

Keep our jaywalking repeal bill alive.

HB 1513 – Improving traffic safety

The ACLU-WA’s Traffic Safety for All bill is still in the House Rules Committee (read this blog post for policy details). We are hoping for a floor vote soon!
Help us pass HB 1513, Traffic Safety for All. 

What’s happened

SB 5466 – Promoting transit-oriented development (TOD)

This bill passed out of the Senate with a bipartisan 40-8 vote. This is huge. It will go on to the House Housing Committee next. Thank you for taking action and sending in letters supporting the sustainable parking provisions!

HB 1181 – Improving the state’s response to climate change by updating the state’s planning framework

This bill passed the House on Saturday: 57 for, 41 against. HB 1181 would update the Growth Management Act (GMA) to establish a new “climate change and resiliency” goal. The legislation would also increase housing capacity within urban growth areas, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, reduce pollution in historically impacted communities, and address adverse impacts to cities and counties due to extreme weather events.

HB 1110  – Increasing middle housing in areas traditionally dedicated to single-family detached housing

This bill sits in Rules and needs to pass the House before March 8. Read more about the bill here. A slightly amended version passed out of the Appropriations Committee on a 25-5 bipartisan vote. The heart of the bill is still intact: it legalizes fourplexes in cities with population of 75,000 and above and in all cities within the Seattle or Spokane contiguous urban growth areas; and it legalizes duplexes in cities with population between 25,000 and 75,000.

Expect a lot of movement happening on these bills, so keep an eye on our social media over the next couple of days for updates and next steps. Ride on!

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