We’re nearing the end of this session’s first month! That means we having something looming: the first and second cut-off dates for bills to get out of their Committees (Feb. 16 and 24).

Reminder: Our 2023 Week of Action starts TODAY! Join any of our virtual events to support our 2023 Legislative Agenda and increase transportation equity and safety for all Washingtonians.

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What’s coming up

Ending free right turns on red is an easy change we can make for improving pedestrian safety, and the hearing for said change is tomorrow! Pedestrian fatalities and injuries are on the rise and occur frequently in marked crosswalks, even when pedestrians walk with a signal, because drivers are rushing to turn right on red instead of prioritizing safety. SB 5514 would force drivers to stop and wait for a traffic signal to turn right in certain urban areas.

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Transportation and housing are linked, and we need strong housing investments to fully realize our transportation potential. SB 5466 makes significant steps toward providing affordable housing investments near high density transit. And it’s also set for a hearing tomorrow! This one’s in the Senate Local Government Committee, though.

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What happened last week

Transportation for America wrote about the big issue facing transportation planning today: The need to shift priorities. Jaywalking laws disproportionately impact Black and brown people, and they have not made our streets safer. As states take steps to decriminalize jaywalking, they open the door to focus on safe street design—and Washington State could follow suit. Find out more on Transportation for America’s blog!

Last week, Governor Jay Inslee and a group of bipartisan legislators gathered to elevate road safety. TCC, Washington Bikes and the family of Michael Weilart (a teen killed while riding his bike in Parkland) spoke about the need for strong policies to complement investments in safe infrastructure at the Transportation Road Safety Press Conference. Washington has seen the sharpest increase in traffic fatality rates in the country, with 745 people losing their lives in 2022. We were pleased to see the breadth of stakeholders come together, and are optimistic for change on safety issues this session. Read about it in The Seattle Times!

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