Since 2013, Transportation Choices Coalition has held its annual Transportation Choices Hall of Fame in conjunction with its fall gala. The Hall of Fame honors and acknowledges Transportation Champions from across our state. Everyone – from transit agencies to community advocates – are eligible for nomination*. Some of our previous awardees include Sen. Patty Murray, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Spokane Transit, Rainier High School students, and Dow Constantine.

Check out our previous awardees who have inspired us to walk, bike, roll, and take transit!

*The nomination process is open to the public and announced three months before the gala.

Transportation Choices Hall of Fame Annual Awardees 2013-2022

Senator Marko Liias and Representative Jake Fey
Ed Frost
Helmet Law Working Group
Ben Franklin Transit Coalition

Pete Stark
Sue Dreier
Transportation for America
Youth for Equitable Streets

Alliance for a Just Society
Emmett Heath
Rob Gannon
Small, Urban, Rural, and Tribal Center on Mobility

Barb Chamberlain
Link Transit
Rooted in Rights
SDOT Equity Program
Trailhead Direct

Carla Saulter
Puget Sound Sage & South CORE
Roger Millar

Kitsap Transit
Sound Transit 3 coalition
Spokane Transit

Claudia Balducci
Community Transit
Rainier High School Students

John Coney
Seattle Children’s Hospital (Jamie Cheney accepted award)

Alison Eisinger
April Putney
Dow Constantine
Larry Phillips

Aaron Ostrom, Jemae Hoffman, and others
Anirudh Sani
ATU Local 587
Aubrey Davis
Barb Culp + Chuck Ayers
Brian Ferris & Kari Watkins
Bullitt Foundation
Dan Clark, Barbara Clark, and Norman Osterman
Flexcar (or Founders + Ref Lindmark)
Greg Nickels
Heidi Willis
Island Transit
Joni Earl
Julia Field
Patty Murray
Richard Walsh
Ron Sims
Ruth Fisher

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