Blocked intersection at Mercer St, Seattle, by Rooted in Rights.

What happened last week:

Another week has passed and still no action on any Sound Transit-related bills. It is still possible a solution that includes both a change to the MVET schedule and full and timely funding for all projects will come forward. For now, however, we believe legislators heard our call to action to block any legislation that did not include a solution for fully funding ST3. Thanks again to all those that took action, and to lawmakers for listening. We are tracking this closely!

Healthy Environment for All Act passes out of Senate! We are thrilled that the HEAL Act (SSB 5489) passed out of Senate last Friday. The HEAL Act will reduce environmental health disparities — including those caused by our transportation sector — by prioritizing improvement in areas where communities are suffering most from pollution. Your health and safety should not be determined by where you live, your income, race, or language ability. Thank you Front and Centered for your leadership, and thanks to legislators who are investing in healthy and just communities by voting yes.

What’s happening this week:

Legislators will continue voting on house-of-origin bills on the House and Senate floors until March 13.

Action Alert: ‘Block the Box’ Bill Needs Your Support Now! TCC and partners have been working hard in Olympia to pass House Bill 1793, the “block the box” legislation, which would allow Seattle to use automated traffic camera enforcement to keep people safe and transit moving. HB 1793 was voted out of committees, but it needs your support to make it off the House floor. Please take a moment to fill out our Action Alert and tell your legislators to support safe streets and bring HB 1793 to a vote by March 13.

We’re tracking the green transportation bill. House Bill 2042, representative Fey’s green transportation bill, is currently scheduled to come out this week and we are working diligently with climate partners to protect the multimodal account while supporting vehicle electrification. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Tolling bill heading to a hearing. House Bill 2132, a massive bill related to tolling authority, construction and bonding for I-405, SR, 167, and SR 509, will be heard in the House Transportation Committee on Thursday. This legislation is critical to implementing the I-405 bus rapid transit project, to pay for needed improvements, as well as for further managing the congested highway system. We are working hard to support this bill, as well as to better understand how to reduce the burden of tolls on low-income drivers by requesting funds for a low-income tolling study. Check out the details we are working to include with our low-income tolling study one pager here.

For a snapshot at all the legislation we’re tracking, check out our 2019 Bill Tracker.

Action Alert: ‘Block the Box’ Bill Needs Your Support Now!

HB 1793 passed out of committee, but it needs our support to make it off the House floor. Please take a moment today to stand up for safe streets and transit reliability and tell your legislators to bring House Bill 1793 to a vote by Wednesday, March 13. Let’s keep bus lanes clear for buses, crosswalks clear for people, and ensure traffic can flow through intersections when the light turns green.

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