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Dispatch from Olympia - 2018 Legislative Session

Posted by Carla Chavez at Jan 04, 2018 06:45 PM |
Next Monday, January 8th, marks the beginning of the 2018 Washington State legislative session.

Next Monday, January 8th, marks the beginning of the 2018 Washington State legislative session. As an even year, this legislative session will be a shorter 60-day session, which will end on March 9th. In recent years, shorter sessions were frequently followed by multiple special sessions for the legislature to conclude their work. Due to a change in party control in the Senate, it is widely expected that session will end on time without additional special sessions.

We are anticipating an intense and fast legislative session. Our primary focus will be to ensure that funding commitments to transit, bike, and pedestrian investments are maintained, as well as preserving Sound Transit 3 voter-approved project scope and timeline.

Nonetheless, we will also continue to push bold transportation policies in the following areas:

Investing in Choices & Smart Design

  • Defending the unprecedented multi-modal funding commitments we won in the 2015 transportation package.
  • Support efforts that facilitate safe, cost-effective, and efficient delivery of transit service and that promote transportation choices for people taking all modes.

Advancing Innovative Policies

  • Secure funding for the Commute Trip Innovation Pilot, a congestion relief program that will identify new strategies to reduce travel times, improve air quality, and optimize our transportation system.
  • Explore the feasibility of more programs that improve transportation options for low-income residents.

Support Good Governance

  • We support legislation that would require transit agency boards be proportionally representative of the service area types (urban, suburban, and rural) the agency serves.
  • Oppose legislation that requires transit agency board members to be directly elected in primary or general elections.

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