Connecting people to opportunity and each other is, and always will be, essential.


In response to the global COVID pandemic, TCC developed a just recovery framework for transportation in Washington State to help ensure COVID recovery policy decisions center equity, prioritize transit, and fill funding gaps. TCC and partners will continue to advocate for strong policies that support transit agencies, the riders they serve, and transit workers who make it possible on the local, regional, and state levels of government. 

The vision for public transit in a post-pandemic world hasn’t changed: It must be fast, frequent, reliable and affordable. What has been underscored is the urgency of addressing how we plan for and fund it. As we recover, the smart and most affordable investment we can make is to build a resilient and accessible public transit system that connects people to opportunities, creates good paying jobs, and supports our climate goals.

Here are three steps to we can take to get there:

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