Washington legislators are currently considering #MoveAheadWA, a transportation package that would invest billions of dollars in transit operations and active transportation infrastructure. Transit and active transportation projects will help reduce carbon emissions, and these parts of #MoveAheadWA will be funded through the Climate Commitment Act (CCA). That funding is already in place.

In addition to CCA, the package includes other sources of revenue to attain the more than $16 billion in investments across transportation systems. In the last few days we learned that one part of that other funding — a fuel export tax — will not move forward. That means legislators must now find a different path to get the package passed.

As this process takes place over the next 10 days, we are here to say loudly and clearly: legislators should keep moving forward with #MoveAheadWA, and fully fund the transit and active transportation parts of the package. Use the form below to send a letter to your legislators.

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