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5 Things We Love About Sound Transit 3

Posted by Carla Chavez at Jul 01, 2016 12:27 PM |
TCC and stakeholders worked with Sound Transit to craft a plan that reflects our region’s values
5 Things We Love About Sound Transit 3

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Sound Transit 3 is officially on the ballot!

It was a long process, from getting authorization in Olympia to working with stakeholders to craft a plan that reflects our region’s values.

Here are our five favorite things that make ST3 a great investment in our region’s future:

1. Affordable Housing & Transit Oriented Development
ST3 was already at the forefront of affordable housing development, with the legislative requirement that Sound Transit sell 80% of its surplus land for affordable housing use. The Sound Transit 3 package goes even further, by developing land acquisition policies to help ensure that the land bought can be used for housing development near the stations.

2. Good Jobs
As part of the TOD policy language, the developer selection criteria for the Sound Transit properties may consider the types of businesses and whether jobs proposed for the development pay “prevailing wages.” This means Sound Transit could decide that developers who put together proposals including employers with good wages are more competitive, ensuring that our neighbors have access to good jobs close to first-rate transit. 

3. Managed Parking
In this package, Sound Transit has adopted policies to: manage parking at all stations to improve availability and reliability; evaluate potential locations for parking before implementing projects; and analyze demand and how the parking will conform to land use around the stations. Moreover, Sound Transit will explore opportunities for leased or shared parking; and/or parking built in conjunction with new TOD projects. Best part? Some of the revenue raised will go towards the system access fund to further improve station access and safety, including bicycle and pedestrian access improvements.

4. Multimodal Access
Getting riders safely and comfortably to and from the transit stations is critical to ensure maximum ridership. The Sound Transit 3 plan creates a System Access Fund that will fund sidewalk improvements, protected bike-lanes, shared paths, improved bus-rail integration and pick-up and drop-off areas across the whole system. ST3 also includes Access Allowances for each station areas to help create safe, direct walking and bicycling routes to surrounding neighborhoods, businesses, and community gathering places. Not everyone accessing transit arrives in a car, and the Sound Transit 3 plan reflects that reality.

5. 130th St. and Graham Street Stations
The Sound Transit 3 plan adds two stations in a win for transit equity! Graham Street station in the South Seattle and 130th St. in the North Seattle will provide high-capacity transit access to lower-income communities. They will be part of the Early Wins – a nod to advocates who urged Sound Transit to speed up their delivery

Sound Transit 3 is a plan that will fundamentally change not only how we move around the Puget Sound region, but how we live and work as well.  The plan reflects our region’s values of equity, inclusion, environmental stewardship and choice.

To benefit from these policies, we have to win at the ballot this November!

The Mass Transit Now campaign has officially kicked off! Endorse the campaign, make a donation, volunteer, talk to your friends and neighbors about the benefits of high-capacity transit, and the benefits on investing in our community and neighbors.

Transportation Choices will be leading the coalition to pass ST3. Support our work by making a monthly gift.

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