Annual Report 2019-2020

A note from our Executive Director

Adjectives and analogies fall short of capturing 2020, and we’re all aware that this year has repeatedly tested us in ways few would have ever imagined possible. The bottom of normalcy fell out – and kept falling – and with it many of our collective plans, dreams, routines, and even our faith in the future. Yet through it all we persevered. When the world stopped – we all kept going.

I’m delighted to share how TCC has adapted and innovated to respond to the immediate COVID crisis, built new tables and deepened our partnerships, developed a COVID Just Recovery Framework and an ambitious Legislative Agenda, and delivered and protected tens of millions of dollars to keep transit showing up for the riders and essential workers who count on it most.

The challenges in front of us are as immense as the transformative potential of the moment. At TCC we walk into 2021 firm in our belief that a more equitable, accessible, and affordable transportation system is possible and necessary. And we’ve got a plan for how to get there. Your support and partnership makes it all possible, and I am so grateful for it. Let’s keep persevering, together.

– Alex Hudson, TCC Executive Director

2020 has been a digital year for TCC, so it’s no surprise that we’re going digital for our annual report. Learn about our work in 2020 and what’s next for TCC on this interactive page.

2020 Work and Wins

Federal transportation advocacy  #TransitIsEssential

This year, TCC strengthened our federal policy and advocacy muscles. TCC worked with the Alliance for a Just Society, a national network of 15 racial, social and economic justice organizations, to build a powerful national campaign to save public transit. Together, TCC and transportation advocates throughout the country helped get billions of dollars in transit funding in congressional COVID relief and established a common understanding across the US: transit is essential.

Transit Chat Road Pricing Promotional Flyer

Sound Transit reforms fare enforcement program

Following years of advocacy from TCC and our partners, and as a response to the call to action brought to the forefront of society by the movement for black lives, Sound Transit announced a new approach to fare enforcement on public transit: the fare ambassador pilot program. The program starts in 2021 and represents a big move away from enforcement and punitive systems that disproportionately impact BIPOC communities, people experiencing homelessness, and people with low incomes. The fare ambassador program is a critical step for access and safety for all riders.

King County mobility framework adoption

This year, King County Council adopted King County Metro’s mobility framework. The mobility framework, which was created by Metro’s equity cabinet, is rooted in a commitment to advance equity and environmental sustainability. Metro will now use the framework to guide its work to ensure that all of King County will receive great service, and that taking transit is a reliable and comfortable trip for all. TCC participated as an equity cabinet member and has advocated for the use of the framework to guide better decisionmaking and outcomes.

A record-breaking win for transit in Seattle

Seattle Proposition 1, a measure to preserve bus service and transit affordability programs, passed with over 80% of the vote this November – the largest win for a transit measure in Washington history! This overwhelming show of support is a clear mandate that Seattle residents want and expect a robust transit system that serves their needs. TCC worked hard to make this win a reality, and we look forward to building on this momentum in the years to come. 

Spring in Olympia, by Keiko Budech.

Clean and Just Transportation Table

TCC leads the statewide advocacy around transportation for the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy. This broad, powerful coalition represents labor, community of color based organizations, mobility, health, and environmental organizations. Together, we are working to pass strong state-wide transportation policies that build a clean and equitable transportation system for all by reducing climate pollution, improving community health and economic opportunity, and creating sustainable alternatives to congestion. TCC facilitated the creation and adoption of state and local revenue recommendations, and investment priorities, all based on our joint principles.
No on 976 with TCC

I-976 is ruled unconstitutional

The Washington State Supreme Court ruled that Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976 is unconstitutional, calling it “deceptive and misleading”. This is an important, hard-won victory as we stand up for transportation choices across Washington. This ruling allows local communities to retain a critical funding tool for improving transportation, whether that’s increasing transit service, preserving bridges, paving roads, or supporting other critical infrastructure investments. This win was a collaborative effort from a large coalition of labor, climate, and business leaders that came together to work on the No on I-976 campaign last Fall, and to see justice in the courts.

Bustling downtown Seattle, by SDOT, used with a creative commons license.

State Transportation Needs Assessment

The Joint Transportation Committee convened an Advisory Panel to provide input on the 2020 Statewide Transportation Needs Assessment. TCC was at the table, advocating for a set of recommendations that prioritize transit and active transportation, emphasize the need for adequate, progressive, reliable, and flexible funding tools and reform, and support the reform of underlying policies and evaluations which guide State spending and decision-making. The recommendations will guide the Legislature’s work in addressing budget shortfalls and emerging needs in the 2021 session.

What’s next

We are looking ahead to the 2021 Washington State Legislative Session and the path to sustainable, long-term funding in Washington.

Check out TCC’s priorities for the upcoming session here.

COVID recovery

TCC’s COVID Just Recovery Framework

In response to the global COVID pandemic, TCC developed a just recovery framework for transportation in Washington State to help ensure COVID recovery policy decisions center equity, prioritize transit, and fill funding gaps. This framework will guide us as we continue to advocate for strong policies that support transit agencies, the riders they serve, and transit workers who make it possible on the local, regional, and state levels of government. Read more.

Screenshot of Zoom meeting on COVID Response
COVID Washington state partners call

Since March, TCC has been convening the WA Transit COVID-19 Response Meeting, a weekly call of a broad coalition of stakeholders including advocates, agencies and departments, elected officials, and organizations working on sustainability, land use, social services and justice, labor, community, and Native people. It’s the primary convening place in Washington for collective transportation advocacy focused on COVID response, emerging issues, and to strategize on a just, transit-oriented recovery. Join the call.

The year of virtual gatherings!

TCC hosted 17 virtual events and webinars this year, a record for our team! Highlights included a series about the connections between transit equity and transit funding, an interactive storytelling workshop, webinars about tribal transportation, rural transit, and transit during COVID, and even a transit (not-car)dio dance party. Click the links above to check out our recordings or visit our YouTube Channel for videos of all our events! 

Mobility Justice

Mobility Justice is Racial Justice

TCC’s call to action has never been more clear – be relentless in ensuring that transit continues to be a force for good, that despite all the challenges ahead our agencies can continue to deliver excellent service to the people who depend on transit, and that we use our voices and our actions to further a world where systemic racism doesn’t predetermine how far people can go. Read our full statement on racial justice here.

Policing reform in transportation

TCC has been working with local and national partners to identify ways we can move forward the goals of the Movement for Black Lives within the scope of transportation at all levels of government. This includes policy and budget actions that remove harmful outcomes of policing and enforcement in transportation, including decriminalizing the use of public space, removing enforcement citations from the court system, developing alternative resolution pathways, decreasing the use of police in routine traffic stops, exploring equitable automatic camera enforcement, as well as upstream solutions that make transportation safer, cleaner, easier, and more affordable.

Mobility justice power hours and resources

After the death of George Floyd and the renewed racial reckoning in America this summer, TCC curated resources and time to educate our network about the connection between systemic racism, anti-Black racism, and mobility justice. TCC compiled over 100 mobility justice articles and resources and held space for our network to read and discuss resources during our Mobility Justice Power Hours

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A word from our partners

A Message from Gov. Jay Inslee
“TCC is a great partner who leads with equity by including Urban, Indigenous, and Tribal people in efforts to collaborate and develop strong and sustainable transportation solutions.”
Ellany Kayce (Tlingit Nation)

Board Chair, Nakani Native Program

“TCC has been a great partner to center equity and reflect community voices in important policy conversations.  Nothing about us should be without us and transit conversions should be led by those who have been historically impacted by disinvestment. Thank you TCC for your great vision to center our voices in transit accessibility!”
Paulina Lopez

Executive Director, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition

Hear from elected leaders about the importance of transit

About TCC

What We Do

Our Mission: Transportation Choices Coalition is working to bring Washingtonians more and better transportation choices — real opportunities to take a bus, catch a train, ride a bike, or walk.

Our Vision: Affordable, walkable, bike-friendly, vibrant communities connected by great transit.

TCC represents

In 2020, we presented at dozens of virtual events and panel sessions, including with

  • Urban Land Institute
  • Climate Solutions
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Futurewise
  • Seattle Channel

Together, TCC staff sit on nearly 20 boards and commissions, including:

  • PSRC Transportation Policy Board
  • Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy Governance Board
  • Ultra High Speed Rail Advisory Group
  • Joint Transportation Committee Needs Assessment Advisory Board
  • Highway System Plan Advisory Committee
  • National Transit Equity Caucus
  • and more!


  • Keiko Budech, Communications Manager
  • Jaclyn Gault, Operations Manager 
  • Alex Hudson, Executive Director
  • Kelsey Mesher, Advocacy Director
  • Hester Serebrin, Policy Director
  • Selina Urena, Development Manager


We would like to recognize the service of Rob Berman, Ann Freeman Manzanares, and Barb Wilson who are rolling off our Board this year. Thank you for moving TCC’s mission forward.


  • Charla Skaggs, Board President, Principal Communications and Outreach Specialist, Maul Foster & Alongi, Inc
  • Dan Kully, Board Vice President, Managing Partner, Kully Struble, Founder of Two Degrees
  • Kristina Walker, Board Treasurer, Tacoma City Councilmember
  • Richard de Sam Lazaro, Board Secretary, Senior Manager, Government and Community, Expedia Group
  • Rob Berman, Washington Transportation Business Development Manager, HDR
  • Brynn Brady, President, Ceiba Consulting Inc
  • Toby Crittenden, Transit Enthusiast
  • Ann Freeman Manzanares, General Manager, Intercity Transit
  • Nicole Grant, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, MLK Labor
  • Patience Malaba, Policy Manager, Housing Development Consortium
  • Jon Scholes, President and CEO, Downtown Seattle Association
  • Jeremy Une, Bus Driver
  • Caleb Weaver, Government Affairs, Uber
  • Barb Wilson, Government Affairs Officer, Vulcan Inc

2019 Financials

2019 Income:  $1,085,336

  • Grants: $625,754
  • Individual/Corporate: $245,260
  • Government/Associations: $175,850
  • Earned Income: $36,508
  • Other: $1,963

2019 Expenses: $1,038,557

  • Policy: $166,188
  • Education: $303,342
  • Advocacy: $123,405
  • Lobbying: $118,492
  • Fundraising: $205,708
  • Administration: $121,422

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Annual Report 2023

Annual Report 2023

Our annual report shows how we’ve championed safe, equitable, and sustainable transportation across Washington, advanced mobility justice, and engaged the next generation of transit riders.

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