We have great news — and an important action for you to take.

This week, our Free to Walk bill to reform Washington’s jaywalking laws was voted out of the Senate Transportation Committee, pulled from the Rules Committee, and is on the Senate floor calendar!

We know jaywalking enforcement doesn’t protect people from getting hit by cars, disproportionately impacts Black and unhoused individuals, and is an inefficient use of public resources. Senator Saldaña’s SB 5383 would limit police enforcement of jaywalking to situations where people have put themselves or others in danger.

The Senate needs to vote on SB 5383 by Tuesday, February 13th, in order to move it to the House, and we need your help to make that happen!

Here’s how to take action right now:


Before the bill was passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee, lawmakers amended it to apply only to roadways of 35 MPH or less. Our data suggests that currently about four-fifths of jaywalking stops are on such roads, which means it would still be a big step forward in reducing the harms of enforcement.

Dozens of police reports show jaywalking stops across Washington leading to the use of physical force by an officer, foot pursuits, or otherwise explosive confrontations. And our research has found that police in Washington use jaywalking stops not primarily for safety education, but rather to arbitrarily stop people who are walking in low-income areas in order to check for open warrants.

It’s time for Washington to join places like California, Nevada, Virginia, Anchorage, Denver, and Kansas City in ending harmful jaywalking enforcement.

Help us make our streets safer for everyone by emailing your senator today and asking them to reform Washington’s jaywalking laws!

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