Help us make our streets safer – tell your senator to repeal Washington’s harmful jaywalking laws!

It’s the second week of the 2023 WA State Legislative Session, and Senator Saldaña just dropped a bill to repeal Washington’s jaywalking laws!

SB 5383, “concerning pedestrians crossing and moving along roadways,” would repeal the state law that makes it illegal to cross mid-block and creates provisions that give pedestrians the right to cross where and when it’s convenient and safe. The bill also preempts conflicting local ordinances.

Transportation Choices and our partners are spearheading this important campaign, and we need YOU to take action today to help us end the harmful practice of jaywalking enforcement. 

Jaywalking laws don’t protect people from getting hit by cars, are disproportionately enforced against low-income people, people of color, and unhoused individuals, and are an inefficient use of public resources. 

Read more at our “Free to Walk Washington” campaign website:

It’s time for Washington to join places like Virginia, Kansas City, Nevada, and California in addressing its jaywalking laws.

Help us make our streets safer for everyone by contacting your legislators today and asking them to repeal Washington’s jaywalking laws!

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