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Strategic Plan

We have a vision and plan for our organization and the work we do. Here's our 2012-2015 Strategic Plan.

At TCC, we believe our organization gets stronger with each ballot victory, each new policy idea that
is implemented, and each new member. We’re proud of our recent work and know that, although the
challenges ahead of us are great – statewide bus cuts, initiatives, and a struggling economy – we face
those challenges head on as a bigger, tougher, and stronger organization than we’ve ever been.

The future of our transportation system hangs in the balance. Major decisions loom on the
horizon, from how we finance our transportation system to how we implement the projects in the
pipeline. Concurrently, we must be planning for future expansion to keep pace with our growing
population and to be competitive in the global economy. This strategic plan is intended to guide
TCC over the next three years while we work to increase the real availability of choices and to
enhance the affordability, appeal, accessibility, reliability, and safety of Washington’s
transportation system.

Read our strategic plan and let us know what you think.

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