3 photo grid. Left: Kitsap Transit bus exterior view. Middle: child wearing a backpack looking at the link light rail. Right: Intercity Transit bus exterior view. Bus says "I love transit"

In response to new Youth Ride Free policies that have been implemented across Washington, Transportation Choices Coalition wanted to learn more about youth perspectives on transit. Young riders are now able to ride for free, but what other challenges or opportunities exist to fully support them to become regular and frequent transit riders?

Transportation Choices Coalition spoke with 103 people aged 18 and younger from across the state to gain insight into how they currently use transit, their thoughts on public transit, and where they want to see improvements in their communities.

Transportation Choices’ Youth Perspectives on Transit report details the results of this project, including the demographics of those who participated, findings from our sessions, and recommendations to transit agencies, local government bodies, and the state legislature on how transit can better serve young people. 

The report shares what we heard from our participants about the strengths of and challenges to using public transit, their current transit use and habits, perceptions of transit, thoughts on safety or safety concerns, and hopes for the future.  Transportation Choices also developed a 1-page summary of the report.

We hope you’ll give it a read!

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