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Commute Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate the cost of your commute and compare it to greener alternatives.

Have you wondered what your commute really costs?  Now you can find out with our easy commute calculator.  Just enter a few details about your trip and let our calculator do its thing.  You will be amazed at how cheap or expensive your commute is depending on your ride!

21 days is full time.

You can calculate the distance using Google Maps.

Find your car at

Find Washington gas prices at

Not sure? Check AAA's Your Driving Costs 2013 Brochure.

Costs and Savings


Monthly CostYearly Cost

Alternative Options

Mode Monthly Reduction
(VOC and NOX)
Gas (CO2)
Monoxide (CO)
Cost Savings
Carpool with
one other person
Vanpool with
six other people
Bus: $2.50 monthly
Bus: $3.50 monthly
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