Join Transportation Choices Coalition for our next webinar, Transit Talk: Road Safety for Whom?, on Friday, April 28 from 10-11 AM.

Four incredible panelists will explore how enforcement impacts road and sidewalk safety and how potential policy solutions showed up during the 2023 state legislative session.

Our roads and sidewalks are dangerous for pedestrians and road users, especially Black and Brown people. In this webinar, we will look specifically at how disproportionate enforcement and a lack of safe infrastructure and has had dangerous, even fatal, consequences far too often.

This year, advocates and legislators took on tough issues that aimed to make our roads and sidewalks safer and more equitable places. Panelists will discuss their experiences with and perspectives on these issues, namely efforts to repeal jaywalking laws, limit traffic stops circumstances by police, restricting right turns on red, and lowering the legal blood alcohol content limit.

In some cases, the bills called for eliminating enforcement while in others, more limitations were demanded. How does enforcement impact safety in these different cases? How do and should enforcement strategies differ depending on the context? What are the core underlying values, goals, and facets of safety that unite these approaches?

Panelists will share their thoughts on this intersection, who and what should be considered when defining safety, and envision a world where everyone is free to move about safely. 


  • Matthew Sutherland (moderator): Transportation Choices Coalition Advocacy Director
  • Representative Emily Alvarado: Washington’s 34th Legislative District
  • Enoka Herat: Police Practices and Immigration Counsel, ACLU-Washington
  • Jac Archer: Organizer, Peace and Justice Action League of Spokane
  • Vicky Clarke: Policy Director, Washington Bikes
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