Join Transportation Choices Coalition for a special Ride Transit Month Transit Talk!

In this event, Transit Talk: How Riders Can Shape Transportation, our panel will explore the impact and importance of centering the voices of people who live in our communities and ride transit and use transportation infrastructure every day. Panelists will discuss how community advisory groups and direct board representation inform policies that affect transportation equity, funding allocation, and road use design, among others. 

How do official advisory groups or positions inform decision-making? How do they differ from typical community engagement or advocacy? How do we ensure these voices have real power? You’ll hear about how this work is being done in several different contexts, specifically at Intercity Transit, Seattle Department of Transportation, and Puget Sound Regional Council. 


  • Dr. Charles Patton, Puget Sound Regional Council
  • Annya Pintak, Seattle Department of Transportation
  • Justin Belk, Intercity Transit Board Vice Chair and Citizen Representative
  • Don Melnick, Intercity Transit Board of Directors Citizen Representative 
  • Sue Pierce, Intercity Transit Board of Directors Citizen Representative
  • Moderator: Guillermo Rogel Jr., Front and Centered Legislative Advocate
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