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Mobility Justice

Why the history of racism in transportation enforcement and planning still matters today. Check out the Transportation Equity Caucus’ webinar on the history of enforcement in transportation. (Streetsblog)

The new E’s of transportation. It’s time to break down silos and build a values-based approach to creating 21st century streets. (Toole Design)

‘We could do without urban planning’: Destiny Thomas on the 2021 Un-Urbanist Assembly. The Un-Urbanist Assembly will return in June, 2021, but the community surrounding it is already actively at work “co-imagining what their cities could be.” (Streetsblog)

How cities lost control of police discipline. In the chaos of 1960s Detroit, a fledgling police union laid the groundwork for a system that, to this day, constrains discipline for officers accused of misconduct. (New York Times)

Smart Growth America’s Equity SummitImproving racial equity, economic inclusion, and restorative justice through smart growth. (Smart Growth America)

Buttigieg vows to dismantle racist freeways. Buttigieg says he’ll reverse decades of discriminatory planning by expanding public transit and, most important, dismantling urban freeways that were built to destroy Black communities and led to decades of health and wealth inequity. (Streetsblog)

Want transportation equity? Be an accomplice, not an ally. “When we’re talking about mobility, we’re not just talking about an ability to move, we’re talking about an ability to stay in place.”(Kinder Rice Institute)

Illustration of bus and people walking on sidewalk and celebrating transit. Text reads "Transit for All Answer the Call"

In 2020, TCC adapted and innovated to respond to the immediate COVID crisis, built new coalition tables and deepened our partnerships, developed a COVID Just Recovery Framework and an ambitious Legislative Agenda, and delivered and protected tens of millions of dollars to keep transit showing up for the riders and essential workers who count on it most.


What’s new

Opinion: No one should go to court because they can’t afford a transit ticket. Sound Transit and other agencies must see this process through and fully divorce its transit fare system from the court system. Failure to pay for a transit ticket — whether due to poverty or misunderstanding — should never place transit riders at risk for devastating legal, financial, or physical harm.  (South Seattle Emerald)

Sound Transit pilot program will suspend fare enforcement citations next year. Fare engagement ambassadors will instead focus on educating travelers who don’t pay about fare options, and will issue warnings instead of citations. (Seattle Times)

Nearly half of Seattle’s helmet citations go to people experiencing homelessness. Seattle police rarely enforce the law that bikers must wear a helmet. When they do, it’s often against people struggling with homelessness. (Crosscut)

Q&A: New King County Metro GM Terry White shares vision for transit-service future. “I’m proud to be part of a system that moves people and changes their opportunities to thrive.” (Seattle Times)

Community Transit picks a CEO with regional experience. Ric Ilgenfritz starts January 11. He has worked on Lynnwood Link and other Sound Transit projects. (HeraldNet)

Pierce Transit’s official app Transit offers bus load alerts. The predictions are calculated by engineers using regularly-updated ridership trend data. (Mass Transit)

Cascadia Ultra High Speed Ground Transportation report. This way to travel would connect the metro areas of Vancouver, B.C.; Seattle, WA; Portland, OR, and points between and beyond. (WSDOT)

C-Tran rolls out all-electric zones. Hybrid buses will automatically switch to electric-only mode when travelling through Green Zones. (Columbian)

Take a 360 tour of U District Station. U District, Roosevelt and Northgate Stations are opening September, 2021!  (Sound Transit)

Clallam Transit budget keeps service, fares stable. The Clallam Transit board has approved an $11.3 million operating budget that maintains existing service and fares and contributes $1.4 million to reserves. (Peninsula Daily News)

Camera enforcement on lower West Seattle Bridge begins January 11. Unauthorized Low Bridge users are subject to a $75 citation. Help keep the Low Bridge clear for emergency vehicles, transit, and heavy freight. (SDOT)

Seattle’s new minimum wage law for ride-hailing drivers began January 1. The new wage requirements, unanimously approved by the Seattle City Council, are meant to keep compensation for Uber and Lyft drivers on par with other workers in the city. (Seattle Times)


Next stop

Two people walking off of bus.

Washington Bikes 2021 legislative lunch and learn. Learn about bike bills and what you can do to support policies that make biking and walking safe, accessible, and intuitive. (WA Bikes)

Webinar: Rural transit planning in the time of COVID and beyond. Learn how to support rural and tribal transit agencies during a COVID recovery. (RTAP)

Online open house: King County Metro is seeking community input on future RapidRide I Line in Renton, Kent, and Auburn. Help make the new route even faster and more reliable. (King County Metro)

WDSOT online open houses. Weigh in on statewide transportation projects, including WSDOT’s active transportation plan, SR 202 corridor study, and more. (WSDOT)

Webinar: How a city’s heart connects us allHow do Main Streets work and what do they need from us now. (America Walks)


What we’re reading

Boy reading a book while sitting on the bus.

Requiem for the super commuter. The pandemic-driven rise of remote work in 2020 emptied commuter trains in major cities and all but killed off the long-haul trip to the office. Is that a good thing? (CityLab) 

Biden chooses Pete Buttigieg for Transportation Secretary. What Secretary Buttigieg could mean for the USDOT. (Streetsblog)

Mass transit is in jeopardy—and so are cities. Subways and buses are the lifeblood of dense cities like New York. What happens if the system withers? (Wired)

Smarter traffic lights, calmer commuters. Advances in technology may come to a corner near you, easing traffic and possibly helping the environment. (New York Times)

‘Existential peril’: Mass transit faces huge service cuts. Reeling from the pandemic, transit agencies are grappling with drastic reductions in ridership and pleading for help from Washington. (New York Times)

Transportation for America’s statement on Pete Buttigieg as Transportation Secretary nominee. A statement from Beth Osborne, on his selection. (Transportation for America)

What is the future of public transit in the US? What does a post-pandemic future look like for public transit? (NPR)

Listen: Housing first.  What happens when you ask people what they need. (99% Invisible)

For public transit, the stimulus is a lifeline – but a short one. The $900 billion Covid relief bill isn’t enough to plug transportation funding gaps. (CityLab)

The new Penn Station train hall opens this week. Soaring skylights brightens this commuter hub. (Curbed)

Goodbye to 2020, a truly unimaginable year for sustainable transportation. Could the 2019 human mind even comprehend the idea of an overnight 75% drop in transit ridership? (Streetsblog)

Amazon’s Zoox unveils autonomous electric vehicle. An autonomous vehicle company acquired this year by Amazon has unveiled a four-person “robo-taxi.” (AP News)


Mission in motion

Video of clean and just transportation platform.

Washington’s Legislative Session starts on January 11!

Check out our recent webinar about our Clean & Just Transportation priorities with partners at Climate Solutions, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Front & Centered, Washington Environmental Council, and Washington State Labor Council. 

Learn about our Clean and Just Transportation Coalition, and get a preview of our legislative agenda, including our state and local revenue, and investments recommendations.

TCC is preparing for a virtual session and urging legislators to:

  • Center racial equity to address disparities and build a fair transportation system
  • Fill the funding holes due to COVID and other needs with sustainable, progressive revenue
  • Support economic recovery through sustainable, affordable and healthy transportation

Check out TCC’s full list of legislative priorities are here, and a recent Seattle Times article on what’s coming up for transportation during legislative session: 

“But groups such as the pro-transit Transportation Choices Coalition will seek money to help bus agencies weather COVID-related sales-tax and fare losses, along with equity programs to aid communities who are subject to pollution. They’ll need full transit access again soon, coalition lobbyist Bryce Yadon said. “If we wait a week or month too long, we’re going to have big impacts in terms of people being able to get to work, or a doctor’s appointment.”


Staff pick

Movie poster for Kontroll. Subway in red tunnel with yellow text that spells out Kontroll.



Selina Urena
Development Manager

Recently I had the pleasure of watching Kontroll, a 2003 Hungarian comedy–thriller film. This artsy film is set in a fictionalized version of the Budapest Metro system follows a team of fare inspectors, riders, and even a mysterious potential murderer! This film caught my interest, in part, because of TCC’s hard work advocating for and re-envisioning fare enforcement programs in our region.




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