Rush hour, by SounderBruce, used with a creative commons license.

Tim Eyman’s I-976 threatens all we have worked for together and we must defeat it .

The threat isn’t new, but it is very, very real. Tim Eyman’s I-976 will be on ballots statewide this November. I-976 is Eyman’s 18th initiative that will appear on a ballot, and due to a tough political environment, we have a major fight on our hands. 

This initiative would limit all car tab fees across Washington State to $30, as well as reduce a host of other vehicle licensing and weight fees. Though this may sound appealing to voters at first blush, its impacts to our entire transportation system would be devastating. This initiative would cut funding to life-saving transit services, leave potholes unfilled, delay major projects from the Connecting Washington package, and blow a $20 billion hole in Sound Transit’s regional light rail budget — and these are only a few of the impacts. 

Coalition members, transit supporters, friends: It’s time to turn the volume up. We need all hands on deck to support the No on I-976 campaign. 

We have a lot of work to do before ballots drop mid-October. Here are ways to help:  

  1. Endorse the No on I-976 campaign
  2. Make a donation — we can win this, but we need significant resources
  3. Educate your audience; we have additional materials to share in person and on social media  
  4. Volunteer, and get others involved in field operations
  5. Tell stories and amplify how the impacts of I-976 would hurt your organization/cause/constituents and everyone in Washington
  6. Like/follow the No Campaign on Facebook/Twitter and share widely

If you have other interests or resources to contribute to the campaign, get in touch! We will make sure you are plugged in. 

TCC will be doing all of the above, and more, to ensure people in Washington keep the transit services they need, and to make sure our hard-fought transportation projects stay on track. Will you join us? 

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