3 photos of Alex Hudson: Left-hand photo is Alex speaking into a microphone. Upper-right photo is the TCC Team at Transit Trivia. Lower-right photo is Alex with one other person at a baseball game.

After five years of dedicated service to the Transportation Choices Coalition and our mission, I write on behalf of the Board of Directors to share the news that Alex Hudson is moving on from her role as TCC’s executive director. While we are saddened to see her go, we are thrilled for the new opportunities that lie ahead for her and excited to see her champion transit in the next chapters of her career!

Alex is an exceptional leader, working tirelessly to bring sustainable, equitable, and accessible transportation choices to Washingtonians. In her time at TCC’s helm, Alex led the charge for transit access at every level of government in communities across the state. She met our toughest challenges (and Tim Eyman) head on–but never let the defensive work distract from moving the mission forward, culminating in the Move Ahead Washington transportation package and its historic investments in transit across the state.

We are especially grateful for Alex’s stewardship of TCC and its vision through uncharted waters. When a global pandemic changed the nature of commuting and ridership, TCC stepped up to protect and grow transit funding, preserving critical transit access for essential workers and setting the stage for recovery. Alex and her team answered the call of a generational movement for racial justice and civil rights, deepening our commitment to embedding and amplifying these values in our work.

Throughout it all, she has been a mentor, a guide, and a friend, always taking the time to listen and advise, laugh and support. She has been a true advocate for mobility justice, equality, and building a progressive and supportive workplace, and her unwavering commitment to these principles has had a profound impact on our organization and the communities we serve.

On behalf of the entire Transportation Choices Coalition community, we want to express our deepest gratitude to Alex. Her leadership, friendship, and tenacity have made an indelible mark.

Please join us in thanking Alex for all her hard work! We’ll be raising a glass in person at a Farewell Alex Hudson Happy Hour on Wednesday, May 3 from 4 to 6 p.m. at Olmstead restaurant, blocks from the Capitol Hill Link station. We hope to see you there!

As we bid farewell to Alex, we also look forward to the next chapter in our organization’s journey! I am very excited to share that Deputy Director Kelsey Mesher will be stepping up to serve as Interim Executive Director beginning May 20. In her five years at TCC, Kelsey has played a huge role in the success and growth of the organization and our work, and we couldn’t be more grateful for her leadership as we bid farewell to Alex. I look forward to sharing more about the transition and the path ahead in the coming weeks and months, including how you can stay involved and support TCC.

Thank you for everything each of you has done to support Alex, TCC, and our shared vision for Washington’s transportation future. See you at Olmstead!

Richard de Sam Lazaro
Board President

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