Why transit, why now?

To meet Washington State’s climate goals we need to reduce vehicle trips by 50% and electrify the remaining 90% by 2035. To get there we must have real mobility alternatives, including a great transit system.

Our Mission

Transportation Choices Coalition is working to bring Washingtonians more and better transportation choices — real opportunities to take a bus, catch a train, ride a bike, or walk.

Our Approach

Founded in 1993, Transportation Choices Coalition is a policy and advocacy nonprofit dedicated to making transportation accessible to all in Washington State. We pass policies that support more transit, bike, and pedestrian improvements at the state, regional, and local levels.

Our Big Dreams

In the next two years we will:

  • Develop an equitable Road Usage Charge (RUC) that isn’t restricted by 18th amendment.
  • Be ready to support a successful ballot measure to fully fund Metro’s long range vision (2024).
  • Untangle the relationship between police and transportation to re-imagine fare enforcement and stop the killing of Black and Brown individuals during traffic stops.
  • See a PSRC 2050 vision that is deeply rooted in transit oriented growth, equity, and access to opportunity.
  • Advocate for a Sound Transit realignment process that delivers mass transit to the region on time.

Our Supporters

TCC’ relies on a diverse network of supporters who are committed to and willing to invest in the long term policy solutions that will create a brighter future. Our work is funded by grants, individual donations, corporate contributions, and membership dues. Foundation support accounts for roughly 60% of TCC’s overall budget.

Learn more about TCC’s financials and impacts in our Annual Report

TCC Priority Policy Areas & Supporting Data

What’s Next

There is broad public support for frequent, reliable public transit. Voters continue to approve funding for transit and TCC will find progressive funding sources and ensure public investments are equitable. We hope you will join us in creating affordable, walkable, bike-friendly, vibrant communities connected by great transit.


Questions or to learn more about how to fund TCC’s work, contact us. 

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