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Do you drive to work? Find out the true cost of your commute by entering a few details about your trip and let our calculator do its thing.
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Reasons Why


Want a good reason to take the bus, ride your bike, catch a train, or walk? We have plenty!  From saving money to saving the planet, these transportation options can help.

Be Green


  • Transportation is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in Washington State, averaging around 50% for the last several years.
  • Seventy percent of cancers caused by airborne pollutants come from diesel exhaust.
  • At least 14 million pounds of toxic chemicals flow into Puget Sound every year including motor oil spill, drop, or runoff from paved-over areas.
  • In Washington, driving accounts for almost 60% of air pollution.
  • Each light rail train can carry 200 people in the space of 3 moving cars.

Save Time


  • Work, read, or even nap on bus or train.
  • Biking, walking, or taking transit avoids wasted time finding parking, dealing with parking tickets, or being towed.
  • Trains and streetcars ar the safest and most reliable forms of transportation during inclement weather.

Be More Active


  • One in three Washingtonians doesn’t get enough physical activity. .
  • Walking and biking are good exercise and good for your health. They burn calories, build muscle tissue, strengthen the cardiovascular system and help control weight.
  • People who take the bus or train are more likely to get their 30 minutes of recommended physical activity each day.
  • 3.6 million americans 65 or older stay at home and are less mobile because they lack transportation options.

Be Safe

  • In the US, riding a train is 20-30 times safer than driving, and riding the bus is about 60 times safer.
  • Walking or biking is about 4 times safer than driving.
  • Air pollution from cars has been linked with childhood asthma and stunted lung growth, along with cancer and other health impacts.

Save Money

  • Transportation is the second largest household expense, only behind housing.
  • Households that live further away from transit spend more than 45% of their budget on housing and transportation costs than households that have transit access.
  • The percentage of a family’s income that is spent on transportation is highest for the lowest income earners: 8.2% for high-income and 15.7% for low-income.  
  • The annual economic impact of car crashes in the US is $277 billlion.

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Ways to Explore Washington State


You don’t need a car to explore the state! You can get from Seattle to the coast by taking public transportation. Here are some testimonials from people who’ve tried it and resources for you to start your own adventure.


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