Public transit can be a lifeline for people, connecting them to work, school, and their community. But great transit requires adequate funding. Washington ranks 17th in the nation in state transit funding – providing $14.07 in transit funding per capita compared to the national average of $42.11 per capita. 100 percent of Washington’s gas tax only funds highway projects, not transit. What sources of funding can keep our transit system moving forward?

On November 21, Transportation Choices hosted a Transit Talk panel discussion Money Money Money! Let’s Make It Rain for Transit. Our expert panel discussed how our transportation system is currently funded, how we can create equitable revenue sources, and potential future funding opportunities. This video is a great place to start understanding how Washington State funds its transit system, and learn about state funding in general.

For those who couldn’t attend or want to share the conversation with your friends, family, and colleagues, you can watch the recording below.


  • Moderator: Hester Serebrin, Policy Director, Transportation Choices Coalition
  • Bryce Yadon, Bryce Yadon Consulting
  • State Senator Joe Nguyen, D-34th District
  • John Resha, Assistant General Manager for Finance/Administration, King County Metro
  • Reema Griffith, Executive Director, WA State Transportation Commission

Thank you to the Seattle Channel for the video recording.

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