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Mobility Justice

Untokening: 2020 strategic planning report. After four years of producing national gatherings, online conversations and advocacy resources, 2020 has been a year of planning and reflection for the Untokening. (Untokening)

Transit agencies answer call for police reforms. Several agencies have committed to restructuring their transit police forces, reallocating police funds to new programs or exploring community-based approaches to policing. (Progressive Railroading)

An equity-first approach to congestion pricing. Congestion pricing in the context of the United States’ unrelenting car culture will have to be approached with careful considerations towards equity. (Greenlining Institute)

I love to ride my bike. But I won’t call myself a ‘cyclist.’ “The word has evolved to exclude so many people like me.” (Bicycling)

How cities are reclaiming transportation. Cities are using open source technologies to not only reclaim transportation, but to set themselves on a path to addressing chronic inequities through digital policymaking. (SXSW)

Watch: Transportation equity: The time is now. A national expert and speaker on issues related to the built environment and equity discusses the importance of inclusive urban design, and how to make transportation and public spaces more equitable. (Kinder Rice)

Spreading mobility justice with Dr. Adonia Lugo. Adonia is a leading voice in envisioning a sustainable transportation future centred in the needs and experiences of historically marginalised communities and people of colour. (BYCS)

Seattle Transportation Equity Workgroup seeking new members. Apply for open seats for the Transportation Equity Workgroup, 2021 term. (SDOT)

Why some neighborhoods do not want a ‘slow street’. Well-intentioned transportation projects during the COVID-19 pandemic to slow or remove traffic from city streets tended to serve mostly wealthy, white neighborhoods, said equity activists. (Govtech)


Upcoming Events:

Green text on black background stating "Transit funding is transit equity."

Join Climate Solutions, Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition, Front & Centered, Washington Environmental Council, and Transportation Choices Coalition as we discuss our transportation policy priorities for the 2021 legislative session. Learn about the Clean and Just Transportation Coalition, and get a preview of our legislative agenda, including our state and local revenue, and investments recommendations.

Legislative Session Preview:
Clean & Just Transportation Agenda
December 15, 2-3 pm PST
Register here

Watch the recordings of our previous chats here.


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What’s new

Seattle Proposition 1 passes with over 80% of the vote! This overwhelming show of support makes it clear that Seattle residents want and expect a robust transit system that serves the city’s needs. (TCC)

King County, Seattle budgets signal strong support for transit, multimodal investments. Despite the unprecedented financial challenges due to COVID, transit and other healthy, sustainable transportation projects and programs saw strong support from elected leaders. (TCC)

Metro waives ORCA card fees on new cardsIndividuals needing new adult or youth ORCA cards will not have to pay the $5 card fee now through February 28, 2021. (King County Metro)

Snohomish County light rail planning turns toward housing. Snohomish County has opened up part two of the workshop to address and solicit community feedback on their current and future housing affordability situation. (The Urbanist)

Sound Transit light rail trains are now running on clean energy. Link light rail is now running on 100 percent carbon-free electricity, making it the first major light rail system in the country to achieve this milestone. (Sound Transit)

King County Executive Constantine appoints Terry White Metro General Manager. A 33-year Metro veteran, White currently serves as Interim General Manager and previously served as Deputy General Manager. (King County Metro)

Daily passenger rail service ends in Spokane; can it come back? Amtrak’s Empire Builder had been picking up and dropping off passengers every day in Spokane since 1997. That changed on Oct. 19. (Mass Transit)

$2 billion funding shortfall for replacement Interstate Bridge. For the past year, members of the Oregon and Washington legislature have been meeting, trying to address issues and resolve differences in order to restart a replacement of the Interstate Bridge. (Clark County)

Tips on winter driving from WSDOT. As that snow moves to lower elevations, wind storms blow through, and rivers rise, we all need to be prepared for any conditions. (MyNorthwest)

Mayor Durkan aims to repair and reopen the West Seattle Bridge by mid-2022. Can the work move faster? Now that Mayor Jenny Durkan has decided to repair the cracked West Seattle Bridge rather than build new steel arches, the city moves to another high-tension challenge. (Seattle Times)


Next stop

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Help Kirkland choose the best plan for a new Bus Rapid Transit stationCommunity members can learn about the Station Area Plan and provide feedback to the project team. (Kirkland)

Meeting: Intertribal Transportation Association. ​The Inter-Tribal Transportation Association is an organization of Tribes which advocates for legislative and policy development that promotes the advancement of tribal transportation initiatives. (ITA)

Open House: WSDOT seeks input on Statewide Human Services Transportation Plan. Human services transportation helps people with mobility challenges and other special transportation needs get to where they need to go. Share your thoughts on the plan by December 22. (WSDOT)

Sound Transit East Link Extension virtual engagement booth. Check out our virtual engagement booth to learn about work to build light rail connecting Eastside communities to Seattle and beyond. (Sound Transit)

Pierce Transit seeks residents to join Advisory Group. Pierce Transit is looking for Pierce County residents to represent their local community as part of a Community Transportation Advisory Group. (Suburban Times)

WSDOT seeks comment on 4-year program of multimodal transportation projectsThis compilation of prioritized transportation improvement projects is now ready for public review and comment. (WSDOT)

Survey: Proposed fare changes for Sounder commuter rail service. Help Sound Transit better understand the perspectives of our passengers and community members. (Sound Transit)

Everett Station District Alliance annual meeting. The Annual Membership Meeting of the Everett Station District Association is an opportunity to hear progress over the past year, look to the next year, and take action on organizational business. (Emerald Station District Alliance)

Webinar: Inclusive planning in Tribal communities. Understand how people with disabilities are currently engaged in tribal community planning processes, and what expanding inclusion looks like. (AmericaWalks)

Public hearing: Everett Transit service change proposal. There will be a public hearing at Everett City Council on December 16. (Everett Transit)


What we’re reading

Boy reading a book while sitting on the bus.

Crowded subways? Yes, in neighborhoods where people have to go to work. Even as Manhattan stations remain eerily empty, a surge of commuters in other boroughs has pushed ridership to 30% of normal levels. (New York Times)

Federal relief proposals aren’t enough to thwart some of the worst transit cuts. As Congress debates proposals to give public transit half of what was sought, officials warn of cuts that would gut regional economies. (CityLab)

What a Biden transportation program will look likeWill the super-commuter deliver the huge infrastructure spending bill legislators in both parties support but Trump never delivered? (Next City)

What ballot measures passed in 2020? Check out transportation ballot measures from across the country, past and present. (APTA)

Distracted driving skyrocketing during the pandemic. A new study of COVID-era car crashes finds that a shocking 27 percent of all drivers were using their cell phones within 60 seconds of impact. (Streetsblog)

Pennsylvania legalizes autonomous delivery robots, classifies them as pedestriansPennsylvania legalized autonomous delivery robots, which can weigh up to 550 pounds without cargo and typically roam sidewalks to delivery goods. (Pittsburgh City Paper)

Rahm Emanuel for Transportation Secretary? Should Biden nominate the former Chicago mayor, the Democratic base is sure to revolt. (American Prospect)

What service cuts are transit agencies facing around the country? Public transit agencies are approaching an unprecedented funding crisis. (Transportation for America)


Mission in motion

Olympia Capitol Building

Our 2021 Legislative Priorities

We are preparing for a virtual 2021 legislative session starting in January. We are urging legislators to:

  • Center racial equity to address disparities and build a fair transportation system
  • Fill the funding holes due to COVID and other needs with sustainable, progressive revenue
  • Support economic recovery through sustainable, affordable and healthy transportation

PS. Join us at our webinar next week to learn more about our Clean & Just Transportation work this legislative session with partners from the Climate Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy. Register here.


Staff pick

Small black and white image of advocacy director Kelsey Mesher

Hester Serebrin
Policy Director


Removing Enforcement from Transportation Safety Programs
Part I: History of Enforcement in Transportation

It is more important than ever to keep up the pressure related to the demands of the movement for Black lives.

Beyond familiarizing yourself with our Mobility Justice resources, I urge you to connect with the national and local groups that are – and have been for a long time – working to remove policing and enforcement from transportation. TCC is lucky to be part of the Transportation Equity Caucus, and I cannot recommend highly enough this superstar panelist line up talking about the history of enforcement in transportation.


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The first ad campaign for the Montreal Metro, made in 1976 at Atwater Metro Station.

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