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What to read on your rides this spring

Posted by at May 01, 2013 06:40 PM |
The spring Books on the Bus selection is an homage to the most beloved landmark in the Pacific Northwest.

On this gorgeous spring day, a day when our mountain is "out," I am pleased to announce (a little later than planned) the spring, 2013, Books on the Bus selection: Bruce Barcott's love letter to Tahoma, The Measure of a Mountain. Here's a taste from the first chapter.

"Like rain and rivers and trees, the mountain is a continuous presence in our lives, but in our psychological landscape, it occupies a place greater than the forests and falling water. We look at Rainier and feel love for a mountain, if such a thing is possible. The mountain inspires in us a feeling akin to spiritual awe: reverence, adoration, humility. We look at Rainier and regard the vastness of God; yet we look at it and claim it as our own. The strange relationship we have with the mountain is romantic, uninformed, even presumptuous. Rainier is a mountain few of us know."

Barcott goes on to detail his own attempts to know the mountain--from his initial, disastrous, solo hikes, to his extensive research and interviews, to his ultimate attempt to reach the summit--and in the process, helps all of us understand this remarkable natural wonder a little better.

The Measure of a Mountain is available at SPL, KCLS , and most other libraries in the state, as well as for download or traditional purchase. Get your hands on a copy today, and then visit the Books on the Bus Facebook page to share your thoughts.

Stay tuned for event information. In the meantime, happy reading!

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