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Stop Sprawl

Posted by at Mar 01, 2012 01:55 PM |
The Legislature has a proposal to dismantle the growth management act. We need your help to stop it.
Stop Sprawl

Sprawl in Texas

Transit cannot work without good land use. A few years ago I traveled to Texas. Anyone who has been to Texas knows that unchecked and endless sprawl, creates awful places for humans beings.  If you are crazy enough to walk in Texas cities, like I was, you put your life on the line every time you step out the door. Research shows that unchecked sprawl is bad for the air we breathe and the water we drink, and leads to increased obesity and numerous health epidemics.

Fortunately, in Washington State, we have the Growth Management Act, a landmark piece of legislation that serves as a tool to focus growth in compact walkable cities and stops endless and unchecked sprawl.

Unfortunately, some legislators in Olympia want to roll back the Growth Management Act (GMA). In the last few days of the legislative session, powerful special interests are pushing Senate Bill 6406.  Amongst an attempt to rollback many our bedrock environmental laws, this bill also aims to take away citizen’s ability to petition illegal violations of the Growth Manage Act. This bill would lead to more sprawl, more car-oriented development, and would allow Illegal land use decisions to go forward without any public scrutiny.

Do you want Washington State to become the next Texas, a place with never-ending sprawl, polluted skies, and more freeway overpasses than people?

They say don’t mess with Texas; I say don’t mess with the GMA!

CLICK HERE to send a letter to your Senator and tell them to Stop the Sprawl.

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