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Q&A: Meet Our Communications Wiz Keiko

Posted by Carla Chavez at Apr 30, 2018 03:05 PM |
Keiko joined us earlier this year as our Communications Manager.

Keiko joined us earlier this year as our Communications Manager. She brings you the latest transit news in the region and turns our wonky policy work into accessible language to share with a wide audience. Keiko is passionate about creating affordable and accessible transit options for all.

Say thanks to Keiko for all her work and support TCC today!




Q: Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

Biking around town to get the sweetest deals like two-for-one donuts at Mighty-O (plug for Bike Benefits!).

Q: Can you describe your commute in a meme?

What does a day in your life at TCC look like?

I get into the office and make a cup of genmaicha tea. After that, I start promoting our policy and education work to all of you! I turn our wonky work into accessible language and decide which messaging tools I want to use to communicate the issue. I bring more folks on board to support better transit choices by raising awareness of our work and highlighting ways to stay engaged with transit news statewide.

Why do you support Transportation Choices?

Affordable and reliable transportation options allow me to get to work, home, class, the doctor’s office, and the grocery store. Plus, I have great daily interactions with folks along the way. Whether I’m getting a book recommendation on the light rail, helping a visitor get to the airport, or pulling up next to a fellow biker at a stop light and complaining about the rain, I feel more connected to my community and the city during that precious time from here to there.

Everyone deserves safe, reliable, affordable, and accessible transportation choices—and more spontaneous interactions around town! TCC connects more people to opportunities through better transportation options, making our community a thriving and vibrant place to live, work, and play.

Why do you want your loved ones to support Transportation Choices?

Join me in creating better access to transit and putting transportation equity at the forefront as we expand our regional transit system. Hop on the bus and meet your neighbors and new friends!

Who is your transportation hero?

local celeb Eclipse.

Q: Will you share a fun transit-related picture of yourself? What’s the story of this picture?

Getting around town at the Girls of Summer bike ride last July. Hosted by Moxie Monday, a bike group for women trans femme folks. Great prizes, great fun.

Keiko Bike Alleycat
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