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It's not over for local options

Posted by at Mar 15, 2013 12:25 AM |
You can still take action to save bus service.

It's not over yet.

Thousands of letters were delivered to legislators last week asking to bring House Bills 1898, 1953, and 1959 up for a vote on the House Floor. These three bills would give communities the flexibility to raise revenue to save bus service and fix local streets and sidewalks. While these bills have not come up for a vote yet, we are not giving up.

Because the bills would raise revenue, they're still in play and will be to the end of session. We need your help to ensure that we all have an opportunity to get where we need to go.

There are two ways you can help in the next three weeks.

Attend a Town Hall

Legislators are holding in-district town halls over the next three weekends. Find out where and when your legislators are holding theirs and show up! Tell your legislators that we need the local options bills to stave off imminent cuts that will be devastating for workers, seniors, and students.

  • King County Metro was temporarily spared 17% cuts in 2011, but that stopgap measure runs out next year.
  • Pierce Transit has had to slash service by 35% and will cut evening and most of weekend service later this fall.
  • The recession has forced Community Transit to end all Sunday service, cutting off workers, families and seniors.
  • Communities across the state lack the resources to fix potholes, improve bridges, or extend sidewalks.

Click to find a complete list of legislative town halls.

Volunteer With Us!

We had to get more than 15,000 people engaged to save King County Metro in 2011. We know we'll need to mount another huge grassroots effort to save transit service and fix local streets.

Volunteers calling voters, petitioning at bus stops, helping with data entry - this is what it's going to take to win.

Do you have three hours in the next month to help prevent additional bus cuts in your community? Email Kate to sign up to volunteer to help save bus service.

Your voice of support is critically important in this effort. Stand up, speak out, and save YOUR bus.

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