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April 22nd: It’s up to us

Posted by Hester Serebrin at Feb 25, 2014 11:55 AM |
The King County Council voted 9-0 to put a transportation measure before voters this April. The rest is up to us.

First, the King County Council approved the formation of a Transportation Benefit District. Then they unanimously agreed to send King County voters a ballot measure to raise revenue for the district. But the third and final step to saving Metro? Well, that’s up to us.

On April 22nd, it’s up to the citizens of King County to vote YES on Proposition 1 to raise critical funds that will prevent devastating bus service cuts and fix our crumbling roads. Specifically, the measure asks us to approve:

  • $60 vehicle license fee, raising an estimated $80 million a year
  • One-tenth of a cent sales tax increase (which would expire after 10 years), raising an estimated $50 million a year

These funds would be used both to close Metro’s funding gap, preventing service cuts, and to pay for road maintenance, bridge repair, and other investments that make it safer and easier to get around. The measure would cost the average King County household $11 per month, and, along with a new reduced bus fare for lower income riders and a license fee rebate, will make sure we keep transportation accessible to those who need it the most. (You can learn more at

Fail to pass this ballot measure, and we fail our friends, family, and neighbors in King County: Metro’s proposed service cuts of up to 17% would affect up to 80% of all bus riders, who will have to wait longer or walk farther to get on an overcrowded bus. Some will be left without a way to get around at all.

But it’s not just bus riders who will be affected: service cuts are anticipated to put 30,000 cars back on the street, clogging our already congested arterials and highways and making commutes worse for everyone on the road.

The King County Council has done their part. Now it’s up to us to save Metro. So let’s do it. Vote YES on April 22nd.

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