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Q&A: Meet Our New Development Manager

Posted by at Apr 27, 2018 03:00 PM |
We’ve got three things for you today: an introduction to our newest team member, a funny transit video that went viral, and a small request.

Selina Bio Photo_GiveBIGWe’ve got three things for you today: an introduction to our newest team member, a funny transit video that went viral, and a small request. We’ll give you two of the three right now but you’ll have to read our Q&A with Selina to get the last.

Selina is our new Development Manager. They are here to meet people that love TCC, connect them to our work, and show our friends how they can invest in transit for all. It’s only fitting that we introduce them now, with GiveBIG the largest day of online giving in Seattle right around the corner. In fact, we’re requesting that you support TCC today to say welcome to Selina and show your support for better transportation choices in Washington State!

That’s two. Now let’s get to the Q&A so you can see that viral transit video.

Q: Can you describe yourself in one sentence?

A: I’m a multi-modal transportation nerd who enjoys rolling around Seattle on my bicycle and my roller skates.

Q: Can you describe your commute in a meme?

A: Yes, but it’s a video that went viral and became a meme. I chose this one because I have great timing, sometimes said earnestly and sometimes ironically.

On another note, this video also reminds me of a Seattle legend, John Stamets who left this world too soon. Our paths crossed when I was an aspiring roller derby skater and he was a photographer for Rat City Roller Derby. John captured many of Seattle’s historic moments including the fall of the Seattle Art Museum’s Hammering Man and the collapse of the Husky Stadium, which he happened to be biking by during those fateful 12 seconds—what great timing! He would have LOVED this video.

Q: Why do you support Transportation Choices Coalition?

A: Moving to Seattle I had a 30-40 mile commute a day; getting to and from work was the only thing I had energy to do. More and better transportation choices is a game changer for so many people, myself included. I support Transportation Choices because they are committed to securing the options that give people hours of their lives back every day. TCC does it all while centering social equity, public health, and the environment.

Q: Why do you want your loved ones to support Transportation Choices Coalition?

A: Because I’m so excited to be here! People that know me know that I’m passionate about transportation as an intersectional issue. TCC is leading the way in Seattle; they’ve accomplished amazing things like helping create ORCA Lift, the most expansive low-income transit fare program in the country! I want my friends to support me as I work to ensure all Washingtonians have great transit options every time they step out the door.

Q: Who is your transportation hero?

A: To all of the bus drivers out there, for getting so many people to their destinations safely.

Q: Will you share a fun commuting picture of yourself? What’s the story of this picture?

A: Sure! Here’s one of my friends and I exploring San Francisco by roller skate because transit options means I can hop on and off a bus and roll around in between!

Selina_giveBIG SF


Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, Selina. We are excited to have you on the team. Give in honor of Selina, your transit hero, or simply to support our vision of affordable, walkable, bike-friendly, vibrant communities connected by great transit.

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